Nut-Bolts, Fasteners & Washers.

We manufacture high quality Fasteners which are basically screws with different heads. Fasteners come in different sizes and we use high quality raw material to enhance their quality that suit metallic or wooden surfaces to which they are supposed to be mount on. They are Bolts, Nut, Hex Nuts, Large Screws and Washers.

Types of Screws: Brass Wood Screw, Cheese Head Screw, CSK Head Screw, CSK Phillips Head Screw, Grub Screw, Knurling Screw, Machine Screw, Mirror Screw, Pan Head Screw, Pan Combination Screw, Phillips Head Screw, Raised Head Screw, Round Head Screws & Self-Tapping Screw.
Types of Bolts: Hexagonal Bolts, Phillips Bolts, Slotted Bolts, etc.
Type of Nuts: Dome Nuts, Brass Wing Nuts, Steel Hex Nuts, Steel Flange Nuts, Steel Cage Nuts, etc.
Type of Washer: Plain Washers, Spring Washers, etc.
Reverts: Aluminum Rivets, Rivets, Mild Steel Rivets, etc.
Material: S.S., Copper & Mild Steel, Brass.