Brass Electrical Components

We also manufacture wide range of Brass Electrical Components for our clients. This products are made as per Drawings and Specifications from Free Cutting Brass or from any special Grades as per our customer requirements. Our components are used for different applications related to electricity. Brass Electrical/Electronic Components are remarkable for their durability and effectual performance.

The following are the List of Electrical Brass Components, we can manufacture at our facility.:

  • Brass Plug Pins.
  • Pillar Terminals.
  • Center Terminals.
  • Side Terminals.
  • Socket Earthing Terminals & Switchgear Components.
  • Screws for Switch Cover Plugs & Wiring Clips.
  • Brass Battery Terminals.
  • Terminals Auto Switch Parts, Stop Switch Inserts.
  • Brass Cable Glands.
  • Brass Earthing Block.
  • Brass Square Tape Clamp.
  • Brass Earthing Block.
  • Grounding Clamps.
  • Metal Accessories for Transformers.